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Livescribe Echo 2 Pen is Coming!

News from Livescribe, com announced the Echo 2 pen is available for pre order at a price of $149.95.   Unavailable for more than a year, it appears it will be coming hopefully soon. It’s great news for individuals looking for … Continue reading

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Titan Note – A New Note Taking Tool

Looking for a new type of note taking tool that will record, translate to text and share it ? The Titan Note may be your answer! The Titan Note is a new digital recording, audio to text conversion and summarizing tech … Continue reading

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C-Pen Reader Scanning Pen with Text to Speech

C-Pen Reader Pen Scanning pens with text to speech and dictionary support have been around for quite sometime. The first pens I used were the Quicktionary Pens probably about 10 years ago as a handheld reading tool. Although they scanned and … Continue reading

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3 Strategies to Improve Student Writing Instantly

Guest blogger Ali Parrish, educator and ed tech consultant, provides three strategies, low-tech and high-tech, for breaking through students’ brain freeze when faced with the dilemma of what to write. Scooped from :, from Working with special needs … Continue reading

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AudioNote Notepad – Voice Recorder App on Sale

AudioNote – Notepad and Voice Recorder app for iPhone/ iPad and AudioNote Notepad Android (4.99) , provides an amazing combination of audio recording and note taking that is synchronized in one app. Currently on sale for iOS (as of 5/18/2013) for 2.99 (from 4.99). This iOS … Continue reading

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Teaching All Students: #AppMondayTAS – Voice Recorder HD

Voice Recorder HD app as reviewed on Teaching All Students (Also linked on – OT mTool Kit) Carol Leynse Harpold‘s insight: Teaching All Students reviews one of the apps available in the collection at the Bridging Apps searchable data … Continue reading

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Ergonomics and “Texting Thumbs”

Virginia Hixson’s article on Ergonomics for Text Messaging  previously posted provides information on research and ergonomic solutions for discomfort associated with Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and one specific RSI injury called De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis  . RSI and De Quervain’s has been increasingly identified with discomfort associated with excessive … Continue reading

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Differentiation in the Classroom – Using an iPod Touch with Voice Recording Apps

Presenting information individually in front of the class is often a requirement of class assignments for elementary through high school students. Some of our special needs students struggle with this task, whether due to difficulty with reading, recalling, speech challenges or extreme shyness … Continue reading

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