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Titan Note – A New Note Taking Tool

Looking for a new type of note taking tool that will record, translate to text and share it ? The Titan Note may be your answer! The Titan Note is a new digital recording, audio to text conversion and summarizing tech … Continue reading

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C-Pen Reader Scanning Pen with Text to Speech

C-Pen Reader Pen Scanning pens with text to speech and dictionary support have been around for quite sometime. The first pens I used were the Quicktionary Pens probably about 10 years ago as a handheld reading tool. Although they scanned and … Continue reading

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Voice Dream Writer App Available !

Voice Dream Writer app (9.99) developed by Winston Chen was released this past week. Also the developer of Voice Dream Reader app (iPhone/iPad), Winston Chen has been dedicated to improving and offering features in his Reader app for individuals with … Continue reading

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Study Habits: New App Helps Students Get Organized and Motivated | Edudemic

After testing the app for a month with two classes of students, I can endorse Study Habits as the best student productivity app for iOS. Compared to its competitors, Study Habits provides the richest array of features and augments its … Continue reading

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Read & Write for Google Chrome Free for Teachers

 Are you familiar with Read & Write for Google Chrome? A Premium subscription is now free for Teachers! Not familiar with it? Here is an overview of what features are available in the Google Chrome app: How to get your free Google … Continue reading

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Webinar: Introduction to Audio Notetaker, a New Approach to Traditional Note-Taking | Adaptive Technology Resources Blog

See on Adaptive Technology Resources Blog Carol Leynse Harpold‘s insight: Sonocent is a computer based note taking solution for students in high school or college providing slides from presentations, recording of audio and note taking tools rolled into one application. … Continue reading

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New Google Menu Tool – Add-Ons

Working as a OT and AT at a Google School requires searching for supports for struggling readers and writers in Google Chrome. Like other apps and software, change is frequent and exploring what those changes may mean for special needs students is … Continue reading

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OT’s with Apps List for Middle School thru Adult Individuals with Disabilities 10-2013

OT iTool Kit App List for MS thru Adults with Disabilities 10-27-13 – (PDF file). A partial list of apps from the complete OT’s with Apps List, this list focuses on apps in the following categories (not limited to) for iOS … Continue reading

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Apps to Support Individuals with Learning Disabilities

Apps for Individuals with Learning Disabilities Shopping for some apps to support the needs of individuals with LD who are middle – high school aged or older? Here an updated, downloadable list of preferred apps for reading, writing, organization, reference material, math, concept … Continue reading

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Executive Function Planning Apps for the Visual and Auditory Learner

Executive Function Planning Apps Executive functioning is described in many ways, however, in many of our students or clients we work with we see in their difficulty with planning, behavior control/regulation, organization and thinking skills. Lynn Meltzer in her book, Executive … Continue reading

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