Online Keyboarding Resources for Kids through Adults


There are many online keyboarding resources available for both young and old to use for keyboarding instruction and practice. I frequently recommend keyboarding practice for students or clients with suggestions of spending 15-20 minutes 3-4 time/week or more to improve their skills. Instructions are for the typical typist. I also recommend any of the websites for those with mobility challenges, specifically one handed typists after they have become proficient in one handed typing technique. Applying a one handed technique to the standard keyboarding lessons reinforces skills (ignoring the two handed fingering recommendations).

Here are a few online keyboarding websites with structured lessons that I recommended. These lessons are for most individuals with typical motor and cognitive skills. There are other apps or resources for those with significant motor or learning needs.

Online Structured Keyboarding Lessons for Elementary Students

  1. Big Brown Bear – : Structured typing practice. Has feature of “helping hands” showing finger movements
  2. Kidz Type – : Provides Dance Mat typing practice 1-4 with 12 lessons in total for kids. Animated lessons for kids.
  3. Nitro Type – : Race car theme keyboard lessons popular with students. Race against other students. Provides WPM and accuracy scores.
  4. – : A variety of age level typing practice lessons and games are provided on this website geared to elementary aged students 1-4 grade.

Online Structured Keyboarding Lessons for Older Students or Adults

  1. Practice typing with the lessons on the A Typist Test .com website: website – : This website provides free online typing lessons with numerous options for keyboarding skill reinforcement.
  2. Sense – : free online typing lessons with progression in instruction
  3. Power – : free, basic typing lessons offered in a progressive manner. Allows setting a targeted speed.
  4. – : Another basic keyboarding website with progressive lessons. Also offers number pad instruction.
  5. Peter’s Online Typing Course – : Extensive structured keyboarding lessons and practice.

What are your favorite online keyboarding resources?

Carol – OT’s with Apps and Technology