iPad Pro 1 & 2 Cases for 12.9″

While the newest iPad Pro 2 has just become available on the market this June (2017), only recent experience with the 12.9″ tablet has required searching for accessories and application of its features for individuals with a multiple disabilities. The 12.9″ tablet offers improved access for individuals with motor as well as visual impairments. 

A search for available cases (without a keyboard) for the iPad Pro 12.9″ tablet found some of the same favorite cases available. For one client however, availability of a stand with orientation of the home button to his left preferred (one handed) hand was necessary. My search for iPad Pro 12.9″ cases found these among my favorite picks:

Otterbox Defender Case for 12.9″: This case has been an old favorite offering durability and a cover with a stand. With the cover offering a stand, this case can be oriented vertical or horizontal with the home button positioned to the right or the left side. Otterbox provides a year warranty and has been around a long time with good reviews and ratings. Cost on Amazon.com approximately $78.00 (USD).

Griffin Survivor Case for iPad Pro 12.9″: The Griffin Survivor case has been another heavy duty, favorite tablet case. With a durable case and stand, this case is completely enclosed to protect from dirt, sand and rain. Cost on Amazon.com approximately $67.00 (USD).

Cooper Dynamo Case for iPad Pro 12.9″: This is a familiar, heavy duty case featuring a protective screen and case with a handle that serves as a stand for slant positioning. Cost on Amazon.com approximately $27.00 (USD).

Gumdrop Case for iPad Pro 12.9″: Another familiar durable heavy duty case with protective screen. The Gumdrop Case offers a stand with Home Button access to one side only. A good option if access to Home Button is not a concern. Cost on Amazon.com approximately $ 60.00 (USD).

Targus Classic Versavu 360 Rotating Case for iPad Pro 12.9: Not a heavy duty case, the Versavu case however has been a long time favorite offering a low profile with a protective back and Smart Cover to place the device in sleep mode when closed. The back cover provides 360 rotation allowing the device positioning in vertical and horizontal views with positioning of the Home Button to the left or right side for individuals needing access to either side. The cover also serves as a stand offering slant positioning. Cost on Amazon.com approximately $ 33.00 (USD).

Although any of the above cases would be a choice depending client needs, the Targus Classic Versavu 360 case was my pick for my recent client needing a stand and offering the Home Button to is left side for ease of access given his left preferred hand. The stand provided good visual access when combined with specific accessibility options applied. 

What has been your experience with the iPad 12.9″ ? Do you have any favorite cases for the iPad Pro 12.9?

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Visual Tracking / Motor Coordination Apps for Adults

Visual tracking apps pic

Visual Tracking & Motor Control /Reaction Time Apps


A recent email from Kate A. requested suggested app for visual motor reaction time for home programming after use of Dynavision in the clinic. Although, I am not a user of the Dynavision, and using a mobile device, a much smaller size requiring less tracking and reach, is significantly different, there are a few apps that might be considered. The link below provides a listing of visual tracking / motor coordination apps for adults with timed response options monitoring (in many) that provide activities and tracking of speed and coordination for the user:

Visual Tracking / Motor Coordination Apps

Do you use apps for improving eye hand coordination and reaction time with your clients? If so, what apps would you recommend?

A recent research article ” The use of the iPad for post stroke hand rehabilitation: A pilot study” can be found in full at Research Gate. The article describes apps used for the post stroke hand rehabilitation research for training and outcome measurements. Although the research was performed with a limited sample, participants reported positive responses to use of a mobile device (iPad) and potential as a home programming tool.

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Word Bank for Google Chrome

Word Bank logo

Word BankDon Johnston just announced another new product, Word Bank for Google Chrome. A similar support to Co:Writer but without the prediction features, Word Bank easily creates a word cloud or word list on a topic from an electronic document or web information. Word Bank provides a floating tool with options to customize the word list supporting use of vocabulary when writing.

How does it work? Here are some screenshots of Word Bank:

Word Bank 1

Word Bank is an extension added to your Chrome Browser. When activated, the above dialog box is available with a search tool bar allowing choices of gathering  general topic words or from a specific web page. The process is easy and the word banks can be saved for later use.

Words in the word bank are spoken aloud when selected and can be easily inserted into your document when clicked to reduce spelling and copying errors.

Options available within the settings of the Word Bank tool allows you to rename a Word Bank saved, delete it, download a word bank, print, choose a layout (alphabetical or circular- which is like a word cloud with frequency of words displayed), and provides a slider for the number of words desired.

Word Bank 2

The options of layout and number of words can help with differentiating the list from complex to simple pending the student skill level.  Although I have not trialed this with students, it appears to be another great writing support for struggling writers.

More information and a video about Word Bank can be found at Word Bank Demo Video, and Word Bank overview page.

Have you tried Word Bank? Share out what your experience!

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Gazespeaker AAC Software

Reposted from The Assistive Technology Daily.

Gazespeaker AAC “Gazespeaker is a free software designed to help people with disabilities to communicate and interact with their environment and the web uniquely with their eyes.”This is a fantastic free suite for eye gaze which is developing at pace. AAC options include symbol grids (using ARASAAC) and keyboard entry – predictive text and numerous…

via Download Gazespeaker ⋆ Free Software Downloads — The Assistive Technology Daily

Another H/T to The Assistive Technology Daily for their infinite resources of everything AT!


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App Search Resource List – 2017

               Updated App Search Resource List


Searching for the right app can be a timely process.  Many app lists these days are dated, making it hard to sift and winnow for the right app when considering there are thousands of possibilities. Further, we now may be considering apps across Chrome, Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac when considering the multiple devices used by clients or within an educational systems for client served. All considered, it can be a difficult and timely task.
Although lists don’t hand you the answers for apps, they can provide some guidance for app choices when they come from reputable sources. When looking for apps I also strongly consider the following app details when making a choice:

  • Has the app been around for a while?
  • Has it been updated recently ? I steer clear of apps that have not been updated in the past year ( or less) as system changes are so frequent. Recent updates tell me the developer is committed to supporting the app so that it will function appropriately.
  • What are recent comments that may reflect how currently changes may affect the app function? Is it now working solidly as reflected in reviews or comments?
  • What OS is required to support it? Will it work on your current device or operating system?

Listed below is an updated list of app/extensions/resources related to assistive technology. Although there remain areas not represented, it is a current list of app search engines and resources that may be helpful to you.

OT’s with Apps eToolKit App Resource List 4-2017

If you have suggestions for current lists of apps or technology for special needs, please share!

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Unite for Literacy Resource

Unite for Literacy is a free online picture book resource supporting non-readers of individuals of different cultures. It counteracts book scarcity for non-readers of different languages with this online resource of digital books. A community based organization supported by business who have partnered to supply online digital books to promote literacy. This is an exceptional, free resource which promotes early literacy learning via digital devices.

Unite for Literacy  offers easy to navigation of the digital book selections, ability to change language, provide narration by different languages and search by categories.

Unite for Literacy image 1

Unite for Literacy image lang 2

The interface is extremely simple with a picture menu and ability to navigate through the book shelves and within a book using arrow at the right and left sides of the screen.

Unite for Literacy pg navigation 2

Developed for computer and mobile device access, books are easily accessible by young and old as well as for individuals with sensory, intellectual or mobility challenges using the web based book library.

What a wonderful resource to support early literacy learning for all ages!

Have you used Unite for Literacy? Share with others who have the need for an early literacy resource!

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Making Homework Easier – Solutions for the Disorganized Student

This repost of Jacqui Murray’s reviews how homework is made easier using one of the many learning management systems (LMS) available. As an AT Professional, many students referred have organizational challenges which may involve spatial, temporal, attentional and categorical organization difficulties interfering with completing and turning in assignments. Her review shares the challenges of our students with organization problems and how LMS support these barriers. It’s what we all experience, but she shares it from a tech standpoint through her review.

Learning management systems make it easier for students with organizational challenges to manage their work, however it does require instruction (in categorization, material management, and time management), motivation on the part of the student and appropriate devices to make that happen. Computers, mobile devices or wearables can support students with disabilities manage the many tasks required of their learning with support and instruction.

–this post was sponsored by itslearning, but the opinions are my own. When I started teaching, homework always involved paper–a worksheet, a poster, a written essay, or something else like that. The problems associated with that approach were endless, including that students couldn’t find the assignment, lost their notes, wrote the assignment down wrong, left…

via How You Can Make Homework Easier for Students — Ask a Tech Teacher

H/T to Jacqui Murray for her post and reflections of LMS.


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