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Tablift Stand for Tablets (iPads, Nexus, Dell Venue 8 and more) – Very Cool!

The folks at nbryte generously provided me with a brand spanking new Tablift Stand . Working with a wide variety of clients requires solutions for many different environments. Stands for students tend to be table or desk surfaces whereby stands for adults … Continue reading

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More iPad/ iPhone Stands

Tablet Stands                        Providing appropriate positioning for access and ergonomic positioning can be important with the use of mobile devices. A recent road trip requiring the use of my iPhone for navigation, hotel and event searching brought … Continue reading

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email & texting

Ergonomic ideas to prevent repetitive strain injury caused by excessive email and texting from OT Idea.com . Their list is basic for those who know ergonomic principles but always a good reminder, especially in the advent of frequency of use of mobile devices. … Continue reading

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Ergonomics and “Texting Thumbs”

Virginia Hixson’s article on Ergonomics for Text Messaging  previously posted provides information on research and ergonomic solutions for discomfort associated with Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and one specific RSI injury called De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis  . RSI and De Quervain’s has been increasingly identified with discomfort associated with excessive … Continue reading

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Free Technology for Teachers: How to Protect Your Eyes from Computer Screens

See on Scoop.it – OT @ Work See on http://www.freetech4teachers.com Richard Byrne, blogger of Free Technology for Teachers, provides information on digital eye strain. Very similar to prior posts on ergonomics and the use of mobile devices, Richard Byrne shares a report … Continue reading

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“Text Neck” Syndrome and Mobile Device Use – Basic Ergonomic Tips #2

What is “Text Neck” Syndrome?  Do you frequently use a handheld mobile device (smart phone, iPad, Android tablet) for emails/texting/Internet searching/gaming? Do you have symptoms of tightness across your shoulders, chronic head aches or soreness in your neck? A syndrome called “Text Neck” coined … Continue reading

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Ergonomics and iPad Use #1

As iPad use expands for students and staff the need for accessories and equipment to support their use emerge. One of the areas needing rethinking with their expanded use is positioning and equipment to make them more efficient and safely used. Ergonomics needs to be considered with the … Continue reading

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