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Keyboarding Skill Development Standards

Molly Shannon, OTR shares a general Keyboarding Standards By Grade from MissJaimeOT, a great visual of expectations of keyboarding. When considering pre-typing standards,  Keyboarding Without Tears™ also provides in depth standards for early keyboarding skills : Standards for the Production … Continue reading

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Compact Keyboards for One Handed Typing

A variety of keyboard options are available for one handed typists. Likewise,  there are a number of different philosophies about methods of input, whether to use a standard QWERTY,  alternative or specialty keyboard method . Some of the options of alternative or specialty, one … Continue reading

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Dear Otto: Do Students Still Need to Learn Keyboarding? Ask A Teacher addresses the age old question regarding keyboarding in light of new technology use by students and provides a great listing of research on the topic. (As posted on … Continue reading

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Ghost Type app review from On Sarah’s Pad

Originally posted on On Sarah's iPad:
Traditional typing tutors might be a great thing for traditional keyboards, but for the iPad you need something completely different. iPad keyboards do not have physical “home keys,” the tactile and audible feedback…

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Type Fun Lite -Another iPad Keyboarding app

Thank you to Bonnie Shams, OTR for her comment about Type Fun app, a keyboarding game app for the iPad and iPhone. Available in a lite and full version (.99) with more words provided in the full version. Practice levels for beginning … Continue reading

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More Keyboarding Resources for your iPad – Typing Web

Typingweb.com   – Learn to Type is another keyboarding resource commented on by that can be used with the iPad and Android tablet.  Use of a standard keyboard is recommended for practicing keyboarding as the standard keyboard configuration is different from iPad keyboard.  Keyboarding instruction is based on use … Continue reading

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Keyboarding Practice on Your iPad or Android – Apps and Other Equipment

Considering the need to practice keyboarding on your iPad or Android Tablet? Following an earlier comment asking about the possibilities of iPad keyboarding practice apps and considering the needs of a student who will be producing word processing  on his iPad during his school … Continue reading

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