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Dexteria Visual Motor Integration App – New!

Binary Labs, creator of apps for Occupational Therapists has developed a new app, Dexteria Visual Motor Integration App (3.99; iPad/iPhone). Developed for 4-6 year olds, Dexteria VMI provides visual matching, figure ground, visual discrimination and visual memory tasks. The app provides two modes, a … Continue reading

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Drawnimal App – Paper Drawing with Your iPad or iPod

Drawnimal App Drawnimal app (1.99) is a new twist for drawing on paper (yes, hard copy paper…) and learning letters with your iPad or iPhone. Yes, this caught my attention also, read on and you’ll understand this new mix of hard copy … Continue reading

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Orgami Genie App – On Sale (and other orgami resources!)

Have you ever used origami as an activity for improving visual perceptual, fine motor and direction following with your students (or some adults if used for napkin folding, creating decorations?) ? I have used books and online resources for thematic origami used with … Continue reading

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Word Games Part 1: Word Search from Sarah DeBellis

Originally posted on On Sarah's iPad:
Wordsearch (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Playing games with words is not only fun but can help your children (and you) to practice spelling and to develop your vocabulary. Personally, I love word games and…

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Monster Hunt – Memory Game from Alligator Apps

Looking for a very basic visual memory app? Here is a free one from Alligator Apps (Grasshopper apps): Monster Hunt – The Memory Game  is compatible with iPhone and iPad, this free app provides customization of how many items are displayed, … Continue reading

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Visual Perceptual Apps from Family Vision Care.org

Searching for visual perceptual apps, I stumbled upon an extensive list of visual perceptual apps at Family Vision Care website. By permission from Dr. Carole L. Hong, OD, FCOVD, here is the link to the pdf entitled Apps that can aid in Visual … Continue reading

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More Perceptual App Recommendations

Thank you to Diane Novatnik, OTR for sharing recommendations on perceptual apps from Myfirstapps.com . Here are her  great recommendations:  Basic Matrix – A free app for iPad. The activity requires visual discrimination by color and image matching. Designed for ages 4+. … Continue reading

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