OT’s with Apps – Handwriting App List

Handwriting Apps List (1-2015)

OT’s with Apps Handwriting App List
ABC Clamp Monkey iPhone/ iPad Construct letters and words from shapes (sticks and circles). 0.99
Dexteria iPad Fine motor/visual motor skill development and handwriting readiness 4.99
iWriteWords iPhone/ iPad Letter/number identification and   formation app. Lite/2.99
Letter School iPhone/ iPad Highly interactive letter formation app providing numerous different animations to show direction of letter formation. Lite/4.99
Write Your Name iPad Letter formation practice; app provides ability to create activity with letters of a childs name to practice writing their name 3.99
Ready to Print iPad Provides pre-writing activites and upper and lower case letter formation practice. 9.99
ABC Pocket Phonics Lite iPhone/ iPad Lite version of letter formation app free/2.99
Touch and Write Cursive Letters iPad Letter and formation practice for cursive handwriting. Provides a variety of mediums and backgrounds. Detects accuracy of letter formation; Create your own word list. 2.99
Touch and Write iPad Letter and number formation practice providing a variety of mediums and background papers; word practice provided 2.99
Alphabet Tracing iPhone/ iPad Features train and other animated prompts to show direction of letter formation. Free
Abby Pal iPhone/ iPad Provides animated tracing and strokelines and directions; letters only lite/1.99
Zaner- Bloser Manuscript iPhone/ iPad Letter formation, number formation; animated letters, practice letters out of order 1.99
iTrace iPad Guided practice with reducing levels of support for learning letter and number formation. Different styles of letter formation available. Features writing individual names and words. Practice letters out of sequence. 3.99
Little Writer Pro iPad Tracing activities for shapes, letters, numbers and words. Customizable by difficulty and direction of formation. 1.99
HWT – Wet Dry Try iPad Handwriting Without Tears app for letter formation. Additional single user +3.99; Double user +7.99; additional charge for additional users. 6.99
Wet Dry Try – Live Insights iPad Live insights gives instructors information about student progress free
Letter Workbook iPad Letter formation, word writing   workbook; Free/1.99
ABC Easy Writer Cursive iPad Cursive writing practice; Speaks letter, shows trace ; presents letters in order, free only Upper case letters free/
CursiveWriting HD iPad Cursive writing practice; Speaks letter, stroke lines, chose practice letters from palette; words, sentences 0.99
Cursive Practice iPad Cursive practice, upper/lower case, numbers, words, doodle board; practice letters repeatedly when typed in, shows lead in stroke, ink color options; preferred cursive app free
ABC Cursive Writing (Deep Pockets) iPhone/ iPad Cursive practice, upper/lower case, numbers, words, sentence; offers shuffle for letter practice, erase, several colors ink, line width , show lead in stroke 0.99
Cursive Writing (Horizon) iPad Upper case lower case cursive writing app; color pens, show/hide lines; provides numbered arrows; most letters have lead in stroke (except a, d, c, g, q) free/.99
Writing Wizard iPad Letter and number, word handwriting apps with customization of types of font and method used. Motivating for students. 4.99
Cursive Writing Wizard iPad Cursive letter formation app from the popular Writing Wizard app. Can trace any word. App is customizable. 4.99
Shapes Touch and Write iPad Create by Fizzbrain, developer of Touch and Write for manuscript and cursive. Provide practice for drawing   developmental lines and shapes. 2.99
Zaner Bloser Handwriting Cursive iPad Letter formation, number formation; animated letters, practice letters out of order 1.99
Start Dot Handwriting iPad Handwriting for 3-6 year olds. Uses earth, grass, sky visuals for placement of letters. Wide error for beginners. 2 learning styles: guided or alphabet. Free download worksheets available on website. 4.99
Handwriting and Sight Words Tutor iPad Practice writing words using this app with Dolch words. free
TV Teacher iPad Letter formation, phonics app with video modeling for ages 2-7 year olds. Based on TV Teacher DVD instruction. free/4.99


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