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Livescribe Echo 2 Pen is Coming!

News from Livescribe, com announced the Echo 2 pen is available for pre order at a price of $149.95.   Unavailable for more than a year, it appears it will be coming hopefully soon. It’s great news for individuals looking for … Continue reading

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Livescribe Echo Pen Sound Stickers

The Livescribe Pens have been around since about 2010 offering a ink pen that scans what you write and records audio. It uses Livescribe’s specialized dot matrix note paper to synchronize the audio recorded with the handwriting notes you are … Continue reading

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Sound Stamp App for Echo Pen

Echo Pen As previously posted, the Echo or Pulse Pen is wonderful note taking tool for students to take notes and simultaneously record lectures (audio record) using special Livescribe notebook paper and the electronic Echo or Pulse Pen (Echo is their newest … Continue reading

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Livescribe Pencast App for the Echo and Pulse Pen

Do the students you work with have difficulty with note taking? Note taking is a requirement of students beginning in upper elementary school and which more demanding as students transition to middle, high school and beyond. There are many barriers presented to students during … Continue reading

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