PhotoMath App

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Photomath App

Photomath app (iPhone / iPad; free) developed by Microblink, promotes the apps as the world’s first camera calculator. I have been well aware of using cameras to access text but math has always been a tough AT situation in my opinion. This app is pretty amazing. Although I have trialed it with just a few math problems, it worked quite well given that I had good lighting, the problems were spaced appropriately to capture just one equation on a the worksheet.

So it’s as simple as snapping a picture of an equation (no it won’t do work problems or conversion) and it calculates the answer and shows the steps. It also saves the problems previously calculated for later reference.

Amazing. Pictures of process:

Photomath pic1 Photomath pic2

Great for checking your work and understanding the math process for math expressions, fractions and decimals, powers and root and simple linear equations. There might be hope for me yet with math!


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OT’s with Apps 10-2014 App List

tool kit

OT mTool Kit

 OT’s with Apps List 10-2014

The list has been updated. It is long. I hope it is helpful.

Apps for your teaching or your OT mTool Kit!


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Keedogo Keyboard for iOS 8

Keedogo plus icon

Keedogo Keyboard Plus

With iOS 8, options of integrating customizable keyboards into other apps provides a flavor of universal design when typing. Many different keyboard apps are  now available adding emoticons, customized keyboard backgrounds and keys to your favorite writing app.  AssistiveWare provides a new iOS 8 iPad keyboard option for young or basic writers – Keedogo Keyboard Plus app –  currently at an introductory price (Plus – 2.99; basic – 1.99) .

Keedogo pic ipad_mini_horizontal_srgb_keedogo2

Keedogo Keyboard comes in two flavors, a basic and premium version, with a third in development. So what’s the difference? Here’s some details about Keedogo keyboard apps from AssistiveWare:

Keedogo pic comparison chart

Keyboards are only in English at the current time. Keyboard options include QWERTY and ABC and upper and lower case lettered keys.

Keedogo pic3 abc

What a great addition for young writers using the iPad. Great introductory price! I can’t wait to try it out!

More for your OT, teaching or student dedicated m Tool Kit!


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Free Technology for Teachers: Organize Your Thoughts With Google Keep


Richard Byrne from give a quick overview of Google Keep app for iOS, Android and web based. Another option for organizing ideas, bookmarks and notes that can be accessed on many devices with Internet connection.

So many great options!


As scoop with  Scoop.itOT mTool Kit from:  on October 22, 2014.

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inPromptu App – A Free Video Modeling App

inPromptu icon

inPromptu App

Video modeling has strong evidence based practice behind its use. If you haven’t experienced the power of video modeling first hand, let the research behind it encourage you to use videos and self-modeling in your practice.

A previous post on Word Toob app (iPad; 19.99) briefly reviewed use for organizing videos, visual schedules and as an AAC app. It is a great app if you have the funds.

On the cheap, there are a few more apps on the low cost – no cost that can also provide organization of videos for your students or clients. Although they may not have all the bells and whistles, they provide an organized method of accessing videos to students or clients.

inPromptu iconinPromptu app (iPad/iPhone; free) – developed by the Ohio State University Department of Education with a grant from the US Department of Education, this app provides categories of activities of daily living videos and options of creating your own category or tasks. The goal of this app as stated on their website is to ” The overarching goal of the inPromptu project is to provide individuals with severe intellectual disabilities with a tool to be able to prompt themselves—to incite them to greater action by increasing their competence with daily living skills, to assist them with learning and maintaining new daily living skills, and by supplying them with an easily accessible video system to increase their self-reliance with daily living skills.”

inPromptu app provides a series of created video prompts for categories of cleaning, cooking, eating and drinking, laundry and personal hygiene as a model. My Tasks tool provides the option of adding your own playlist of tasks. A reminder tool allows setting alarms by a date and time that prompts a message at the time set for the task selected.

Here are a few screen shots of the app set up and tools:

inPromptu pic1
inPromptu pic2 inPromptu pic3

The Ohio State University provides instructions with the use of the app including:

  • Instructions for creating videos to share with the OSU for the app as well as tips and tricks for video tasks for video prompting and modeling. Even if you are not sending them videos, their instructions provide helpful reminders on task analysis and tips and tricks for videos :
  • Instructions for setting up the app:
  • A data collection sheet with directions is also provided through the Ohio State University website  to assist with progress monitoring:
  • Instructions on teaching sessions for video prompting :

Free is always good. This app also is compatible with iPad and iPhone allowing it to be portable for use by those in supported employment using an iPod Touch.

More for your teaching or OT mTool Kit.



“InPromptu.” Ohio State University. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Oct. 2014.

“Video Modeling |” Video Modeling | N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Oct. 2014.

Roberts, Jessica. N.p.: Booksurge, 2008. Print.


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Irlen Awareness Week Oct 20-24

Do you become distress with bright lights, black print on white paper, experience visual fatigue or experience print that does not remain stable?

Irlen distorsions

These are just a few of the symptoms of Irlen Syndrome. Find out more during the Irlen Syndrome Awareness week…

Irlen Awareness week1959539_10152856696849923_8882178089764219642_n


For more information visit Irlen Website.  More information to come this week.

And yes, there are some apps that can help with that!

Carol Leynse Harpold, MS AdEd, OTR/L, ATP , Irlen Screener or

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Abilipad App Price Reduction!

Abilipad icon

Abilipad App

Abilipad app  (iPad; regularly 19.99) is reduced to 9.99 today (always a mystery how long this reduced price will be!). This app provides tools to customization the keyboard layout with pictures, text, key size and color. Other options available to support reading and writing includes word prediction, text to speech and ability to create a writing environment with those features. It is a great app for customizing the writing environment.

Abilipad pic 2

Abilipad pic

Great app to have in your app arsenal to support writing!

More for your OT mTool kit!



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