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Voice Dream Writer App


Voice Dream Writer app, newly debuted in the past few weeks is on sale this weekend ( 1-29-31/2015). for 7.99. A compliment to Voice Dream Reader app, Winston Chen’s Writer app provides tools for the struggling writer.

Here are a few views of the app:

Voice Dream WRiter pic1

Interested in a video review? Check it out here: Voice Dream Writer app video



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Lanyards and Straps for iPhones and iPod Touches | ATMac

There are not a lot of ways to permanently attach a strap or lanyard to your iPhone or iPod Touch – but there are probably more than you think there are. Here are our best suggestions.

Source: http://atmac.org/lanyard-strap-iphone-ipod-touch#comment-1058

A HUGE H/T to Ricky Buchanan for the extensive post on ATMac.org, ” Straps and Lanyards for your iPhone”! There are dozens of fabulous suggestions and links on ways to attach and secure a device using straps, lanyards and cases for iPhone and iPods.

Thank you much Ricky for your time and for sharing your resource list.


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Voice Dream Writer App Available !

Voice Dream Writer icon

Voice Dream Writer App

Voice Dream Writer app (9.99) developed by Winston Chen was released this past week. Also the developer of Voice Dream Reader app (iPhone/iPad), Winston Chen has been dedicated to improving and offering features in his Reader app for individuals with disabilities. Continual improvement of his apps for greater functionality as requested by his users has been a hallmark of his apps.

Voice Dream Writer app  (iPhone / iPad) offers unique and comprehensive writing tools for individuals with disability. Text to speech for editing, phonetic spelling and word finder options to support selection and generation of spelling and word usage as well as methods of aiding written organization is offered in Voice Dream Writer. Winston Chen has again listened to his users to create an app supporting the needs of individuals with disabilities.

Here is a video from Voice Dream web page  explaining some of the  unique features in Voice Dream Writer app:

Exciting new writing app from a dedicated developer! I am looking forward to trying it out!


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Study Habits: New App Helps Students Get Organized and Motivated | Edudemic

After testing the app for a month with two classes of students, I can endorse Study Habits as the best student productivity app for iOS. Compared to its competitors, Study Habits provides the richest array of features and augments its planning capabilities with proven study aids.
The app enables students to manage their time, monitor their GPAs, and adopt effective study habits. Thanks to its educational-psychology-based learning and motivation strategies, Study Habits is unparalleled in the productivity app market. Read on to find out what Study Habits can do and why no other student planning app compares.

Source: http://www.edudemic.com/study-habits-new-app-helps-students-get-organized-and-motivated/

iStudiez Pro app for iOS has generally been the recommended app for secondary and post secondary students. Edudemic reviews a new student planner app, Study Habits (iPhone/ iPad) used to become a self-regulated learner. The app’s goal is to instill healthy study habits that focus on the following areas: deemed as critical for learning:  memory, stress/anxiety, reading comprehension, time management, writing, and motivation.  Ratings have been good – time to check it out and reconsider app recommendations!


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New Apps & Apps Gone Free Today!

freeHere are a few new and free apps to check out (remember, its still a mystery for how long it’s free…) to determine if they will support your intervention or administrative needs:

Quick Math Jr iconQuick Math Jr. (iPhone / iPad) by Shiny Things is a basic math app for 3-7 year olds featuring counting, addition, subtraction, number sequence, count skip, writing numbers and more. Allows unlimited user profiles.

Fruit Ninja iconFruit Ninja (iPhone /iPad) is an old favorite, now gone free. Slice fruit in the Game Center app. There are in app purchases.


PT Pad iconPT Pad (iPad) is an functional assessment app for therapists and nurses. Provides 3 free tests (Timed Up & Go), 6 Minute Walk, Berg Balance Scale). Other standard assessments require subscription. 7.99 for 30 days or 79.99 for 365 day purchase.

Monki Hide and Seek iconMonki Hide and Seek (iPhone /iPad ) for 2 + year olds is a hide and seek game  with difference geographical areas as the scene where animals hide.

Check them out and see if they will support your OT mTool Kit.


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Henry Evans And his Telepresence Robot – The Assistive Technology Daily

Paralyzed by a stroke, Henry Evans uses a telepresence robot to take the stage — and show how new robotics, tweaked and personalized by a group called ..

Source: http://attraining.org/atdaily/2015/01/12/telepresence-robot/

A big H/T to  The Assistive Technology Daily who scours the Internet for the most interesting and state of the art AT news!

One of their recent posts review a telepresence robot. What a fabulous way for individuals who are medically fragile to be a presence literally anywhere. Do you know of any students, who are medically fragile and receive virtual education at home? Visualize them being present in the classroom with a telepresence robot!

How long will it take before we see this at school?

What fabulous opportunities technology (and some cash) can offer!

Thank you to The Assistive Technology Daily!


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Lanskin Lanyard Skin Case for iPod Touch 5th Gen

lanskin case for iPod 5Recent assessment of a client with memory challenges resulted in needing a tool with numerous vocal reminders and a method to keep the tool with them through part of their daily schedule. An iPod Touch was recommended with use of Aida Reminder app, which allows vocal reminders, among many other alarm options. Identifying an app was not real difficult, but, finding a case with an attached lanyard for an iPod Touch 5 Generation was no easy task.

A number of cases with lanyards for iPod Touch do exist, but, they seem to change with each iPod Touch model. Search for cases, resulted in finding the Lanskin Executive Skin Case providing an attached lanyard with a clip lock for lanyard length adjustment. Certainly,  arm and leg cases with straps are available, but for this client, use of a lanyard seemed the most accessible option. Thus far, the Lanskin case for the iPod Touch has been successful, given the careful handling of the user.

Here is a quick YouTube overview of the device:

As described in the YouTube, this case is made of silicon and  would not be a best choice if a rugged, protective iPod Touch case was needed. In this situation, the client and environment did not require a rugged case. Once applied by the client, it provides easy and immediate access to the device and apps and eliminated misplacement.

Applying a clip to the lanyard to further secure it to clothing reduced its movement and concern of hitting things or patients/student when leaning over.

name tag clip

Any other ideas or suggestions on maintaining portable devices  with clients are welcome! More ideas for your OT, teaching or vocational mTool Kit!



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