Caduceus with a SALT Tip – a Highly Adaptable Stylus

caduceus 8

iFaraday Caduceus Stylus with SALT Tip

I was very excited to receive my order of the SALT stylus tip, a new interchangeable tip for the Caduceus Stylus , made by iFaraday.  The Caduceus Stylus is an appealing stylus featuring a bendable shaft and very light making it well suited for individuals with grasp and motor control challenges. Made with a flexible core (but yet rigid enough to maintain positioning when used) and plastic coating, this stylus can be bent to almost any configuration. Total length of the Caduceus is 15″. It  weighs 20 grams, so light you can hardly feel this stylus when applied.

Caduceus stylus

Prior trials of the Caduceus stylus with its original flat, found activation was very challenging for the clients I trialed.  The tip  of the Caduceus had to be vertical to the surface and directly on the target for activation. Although a great concept, use was frustrating and effortful with the clients trialed due to the difficulty with the specific contact required for activation on a capacitive screen.

iFaraday now offers an alternative tip, the SALT tip, which offers a highly sensitive tip resulting in easy activation from many angles with minimal pressure. After purchasing the SALT tip it was easily exchanged with unscrewing and screwing the original and new SALT tips (SALT tip below has the rounded tip).

iFaraday replaceable tips

caduceus 5

Here is a video of the SALT tip showing use when held in a variety of angles:

Trials of the Caduceus stylus with SALT tip with iOS visual motor apps found the stylus   sensitive, accurate and easy to use. With recent interest in a finger stylus,  I added a Velcro strap to secure the stylus to my index finger which allowed me to see the screens contents when drawing. Repositioning the stylus can easily be done for ease of viewing contents or placement on a finger.

caduceus pic2

Other modifications that might be necessary if tone interferes with positioning of fingers might include using a magic glove with the index finger cut out to reduce accidental touches of the hand or fingers. Positioning of the tablet also may be helpful.

Here is a quick video of the Caduceus stylus with SALT tip in action:

With the addition of the SALT tip, the Caduceus stylus can be adapted for many clients with motor challenges. Just using the SALT tip as a finger stylus might work!

More for your OT mTool Kit.






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Audio Notetaker Version 4 Launched: Integration with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and more! | Adaptive Technology Resources Blog

Sonocsent audio notetaker image

As scooped from : Adaptive Technology Resources Blog


Audio Notetaker is a great note taking tool for Windows PC. It has a synchronizing iOS app for recording and importing audio recordings to the Audio Notetaker software. The features of the software include recording audio tagged with presentation slides imported (such as PPT) into the software, audio recording separated by speakers chunks of messages, typing notes during the recording or at a later time and color coding the audio recorded are just a few of the tools offered.

The latest version has just gotten mightier – new features of integrating DNS recorded audio to the software and transcription to text is now available. in Audio Notetaker.

Sonnocent Audio Note taker app iconA free Sonnocent Audio Notetaker app is available for iPhone and iPad for recording, then synchronization to the computer based software for organizing with handouts, review, additional note taking, and color coding .

Wow, what an amazing note taking tool for secondary and postsecondary students. Application as a workplace tool for creating reports using audio and organizing recorded meeting notes could definitely be helpful tool.

Check it out at Adaptive Technology Resources , supplier and trainer of Audio Notetaker.

Great note taking tool!


See on Scoop.itOT mTool Kit

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Step by Step Drawing App Gone Free (March 27, 2015)!

Labo Drawing Lessons icon

Labo Drawing Lessons App

Labo Drawing Lessons iconFree is always fun. Here is another app for young children that is free today (gone free timeline is always a bit of a mystery):

Labo Drawing Lesson for iPad (free ) provides step by step lessons on drawing animals, vehicles, people, fruit and monsters. Recommended for 3-5 year olds (typical learners), this app is suited to children well beyond 5 year olds. Drawings are provided in a step by step method with each step drawn then faded for the user. Lines can be traced while they remain for a short period on the screen. The fruit drawings provide some simple shape practice for young children.

Labo Drawing lesson pic1 Labo Drawing lesson pic2

Fun drawings that are appealing to kids, it also provides a rating on the accuracy of the drawing. The ratings are presented only after drawing and not recorded for later review. Finished products can be saved and shared by email or other social media.

This is a fun app and intuitive when drawing, but I found navigating in back to different screens not as clear. Drawings are appealing for primary aged students but do have deals that may be difficult for 3-5 year olds. As a free app this might be a fun home programming app for parents of children needing practice with visual motor skill development.

Have you tried this app?

Looking for more step by step drawing app? Check out the following step by step drawing app reviews on OT’s with Apps:

How to Draw App

More Step by Step Drawing Apps

Searching step by step drawing on OT’s with Apps will also provide additional app posts.


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My Story App Gone Free!

My Story Book Maker for Kids icon

My Story App (iPhone/iPad; regularly 4.99) has gone free today (3/27/2015). This storytelling, book app provides many tools for creating books, writing projects, sensory or social stories for young students.

My Story pic 1.

Here are some of the features of the app:

* Create and share ebooks and stories by adding drawings, photos, and stickers.
* Record your voice on every page and share your story with friends, family and classmates!
* Choose from dozens of fun stickers already included in the app, no extra downloads needed.
* No in-app purchases, hidden ads, or additional costs.
* Share your storybooks to the web, on Facebook and Twitter, and standard ePub format to be viewed in 3rd party apps or edited in iBooks Author. Or export as a movie to Mp4 format straight to YouTube!
* Teacher friendly: allows for multiple authors and syncing across multiple iPhones and iPads through Dropbox!

Great app for emergent and beginning writers to draw, handwrite add stamps and pictures to a story.

More for your OT mTool Kit.


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SnapType Update & SnapType Pro App

snaptype icon

Familiar with SnapType app for iPad and iPhone? If you have students with dysgraphia, you might want to take note of this easy to use, worksheet filling/ annotation app. One of the many annotation apps available, SnapType app is free and created by an OT student. Recent upgrade gives it a brand new look and new features of sharing,  printing and folder system tools.

What’s new?

Quite a bit. The initial SnapType app provided basic tools to take a picture , create text boxes and type. Work flow for production or printing included taking a screen shot and sending it from your photo album.

Complete worksheets using annotation tools:

SnapType2 pic1 SnapType2 pic2 SnapType2 pic3

New tools and options available for importing images of a worksheet: IMG_1287Ability to organize files into folders:

IMG_1288 SnapType Pro iconSnapType Pro (2.99) is an in app purchase. Pro provides a Whiteboard feature to filter the paper color to appear more like a sheet of paper. The Pro version allows storing more than 3 documents.

Another tool for your OT mTool Kit!




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iDo Hygiene App

iDo Hygiene pic1

iDo Hygiene App

iDo Hygiene appiDo Hygiene is a new app providing instruction, video and games to learn personal hygiene. Included is an option to create your own images in the 12 hygiene areas. Created by the Center for Educational Technology for individuals with cognitive impairment, autism and other special needs, it features the following 12 self-care tasks:
1. Shampooing– free
2. Washing your Face– free
3. Washing your Hands
4. Taking a Shower
5. Brushing your Teeth
6. Applying deodorant
7. Shaving with an Electric Shaver
8. Combing long hair
9. Making a Ponytail
10. Boy in Bathroom
11. Girl in Bathroom
12. Public Bathroom

The app is free for installation with shampooing and washing your face tasks free. The additional 10 skills are an in -app purchase for 1.99 each or all units for 9.99.

What’s in each unit:
– A video presenting a teenager demonstrating the activity, step by step.
– A sequence of the task’s steps in images, accompanied by narrated text for each stage, and the option to mark the completion of each step with a V.
– A unique tool to create a personal sequence of the task’s steps, by photographing directly from the application.
– A tool to create a personal video of the task, directly from the application.
– Learning games to practice understanding of the sequence – what is the next step, what doesn’t belong, and so on.

Here are some photos of the app content:

iDo Hygiene pic1 iDo Hygiene pic2 iDo Hygiene pic3 iDo Hygiene pic4 iDo Hygiene pic5

Made for children and teenagers. This app would also be appropriate for individuals with cognitive impairment at any age. Each unite provides a video (model of the task), a picture sequence and game of the task. The option to create your own video and picture sequence is available within each task.

A video overview of the app provides more information on the app:

iDo Hygiene  provides the tools for video modeling and self-video modeling, both evidence based practices for student with autism and cognitive disabilities. Images and presentation of the app allows it appropriate for young and old individuals. This app would be appropriate as a home program support or classroom support for individuals benefiting from visual communication.

The Center for Educational Technology also developed iDo Getting Dressed app, offering visual sequences of dressing tasks.

Thank you to Dana and Kim for the heads up for the iDo Hygiene app! Great addition to an OT’s or individual mTool Kit!



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OT’s with Apps Stylus List

Stylus group

What’s Your Favorite Stylus?

Looking for a styluses for a child, mature user, an adaptive stylus, mouth or head stylus? Check out this new curated OT’s with Apps Stylus List, with a dozens of preferred styluses for almost everybody (no I still haven’t found a commercial finger stylus I would recommend yet…).

Interested in hands on trial of many of the above kids and mature users styluses? Visit OT’s with Apps – Appy Hour presentation on April 18, 2015 at the AOTA Convention in Nashville TN. Although I will not have the head and mouth stick styluses, many of the other styluses will be available for trial.  Come and join Brittany Hand, MOT and myself while we share “What’s the Write App?” during Saturday’s Appy Hour.

Hope to see you there!

Have a recommended stylus? Share in a comment or send me an email at


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