Reference Apps Free or Reduced

Skeleton Premium icon iOS

Here are some anatomy apps that are currently free or significantly reduced that might be helpful to understand anatomy or medical conditions for clinician or patients:

Exploring essential Anatomy iconExploring Essential Anatomy  for iPad (free). Provides images of clinically applicable anatomy.


Shoulder Pro 111 iconShoulder Pro III with Animations (.99; iPhone) regularly 1.99. Provides anatomy of the shoulder with animations. Optimized for iPhone but compatible with iPad.

iMuscle 2 iconiMuscle 2 for iPad2 (.99; iPad2). Provides musculoskeletal anatomy and kinesiology in 3D for exercises and rehab.


Hand and Wrist Pro III iconHand and Wrist Pro III app (.99; regularly 7.99; iPhone/iPad) provides 3D images of the hand and wrist.


Brain and Nervous System Anatomy icon iOSBrain and Nervous System Anatomy (.99; regularly 9.99; iPhone/iPad by Visible Body provides 3D images and animations.

Skeleton Premium icon iOSSkeleton Premium  (.99; regularly 19.99; iPhone and iPad) by Visible Body provides 3D images of the skeletal system.

What medical reference apps for anatomy do you find helpful?

More for your OT mTool Kit.



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Study Tools for the OT Practitioner

Exam time pic

Preparing for the NBCOT Certification Exam? With June just around the corner, it is time to prepare for the OT exam.  There are a myriad of tools available to study for the OT certification examination. Online resources, exam study books and apps to help prepare. Online tools are not only for studying for the NBCOT Exam but also for many other OT related specialty areas. Study resources can be helpful if you want to update your skills (wonder what the content is in the OT curriculum these days???) or studying for a specialty certification for the practicing therapist.  Here are a few resources readily available for purchase or free!

Most likely most millennial students already know the resources available to them. As a boomer, it is interesting to stumble upon all these tools available to students and practitioners.  I would guess that most boomers are saying, “if only I had that, how much easier it would have been”. While that may be the case, the knowledge base of current OT practice has expanded exponentially since my college days ! There are many new areas of practice with evidence based also an important focus of practice. Yes, many changes!

Here are a few study tools and also some resources available that might aid studying for the exam for OT Practitioners:

NBCOT Aspire has several resources available specifically for studying:

Numerous books are available for studying such as those available on Amazon for purchase or rent: Amazon Books for OT Exam . Google also has books available for OT Exam preparation.

Other resources:

Study Stack has a variety of resources for OTR/COTA exam as well as study content for any OT Practitioner. , an online resource for flash cards for many subjects, has study topics for US and Canadian OT exams.  Quizlet apps for iOS, Android and Kindle  are also available if you want to make your own multi-media flash cards or use existing cards. OT content is available for many subjects in and may be a handy resource if studying for specialty areas for practicing OT’s as well. Quizlet app is one of a number of free flashcard apps with free online flashcards shared by others. , another online resource of flash cards for subjects related and specific to OT. Study Blue apps for iOS and Android are free allowing download of existing subject flash cards or  the option to create your own.

Whether studying for the exam or keeping your skills up to date there are many technology based tools to help you learn!

What other OT Exam tools have you used?



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Free Apps for Your mTool Kit

free or reduced

Your iPad may be overloaded with apps, but finding apps for free or  apps that provide custom or multiple solutions are well worth considering in your app arsenal. Here are a few apps currently free or reduced for a mystery period of time:

Popplet full iconPopplet: now 1.99 is a easy to use concept mapping app. A lite version is also available.

Explain anything iconExplain Everything : is now .99. This app can do amazing things with drawing, writing and recording, capture tools. Use it for creating instructions and many more education based tasks.

Wolfram alpha iconWolfram Alpha app is now .99. Instructions in text and video for all kinds of academic topics.

Book Creator app iconBook Creator app is now 1.99. This is a great storytelling app used in education. Great for social stories, sensory stories and creating books for students. Shares to Google Drive, iBooks as a PDF and more services. Also provides support for a wide variety of languages. Great app!

Write my Name iconWrite My Name app is a handwriting app on sale for 1.99. You can create your own name activity within the app and has functional words to practice manuscript handwriting. Popular app for OT’s and handwriting practice.

Gazzilishapes app iconGazziliShapes – Currently free. A shape recognition app for young kids.


Mind organizer iconMind Organizer (mind map) – Currently free, provides concept mapping too with tools to add pictures to the topics.

scoodle JamScoodle Jam – Currently free. I have not had a chance to test drive this app but it looks like a great app allowing customization of activities for students.

More for your OT mTool Kit!




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Apps for Employment for Persons with Disabilities

The 2015 Rehabilitation and Transition Conference was held this past week in Green Bay, Wisconsin. As an employee of Adaptive Technology Resources, I manned our booth in the  Exhibit Hall. It is always interesting to meet DVR Counselors and consumers looking for AT workplace solutions for individuals with disabilities. Having performed hundreds of vocational rehab AT evaluations, the client needs are widely varied and unique. Inquiries from stakeholders mirrored the many flavors of client vocational and prevocational needs and potential solutions. So many options available, narrowed to individually chosen solutions dependent on many factors.

Friday, I was able to return out of personal/professional interest to hear Dr. Therese Willkomm”s  presentation Apps, Adaptations and Accessories for the Workplace.  I am a huge fan of her innovative and adaptive methods (yes, I could be a groupie, I subscribe to her YouTube, own her books and follow her work!). Her presentation was dynamic and entertaining, sharing  her many client driven innovative and cost effective accessories and apps for iDevices. How exciting to see her in action and glean from her experiences, inventions and resources she offers.

Dr. Willkomm shared an incredible amount of iDevice resources in her fast paced, highly informative presentation on adaptive materials and device.   Below are a few of her handouts featuring accessories and apps for employment of individuals with disability. I am grateful for her permission to share her extensive resources:

Apps for Employment of Individuals with Disability

Awesome Accessories and Adaptations for the iPad

If you are interested in adaptive devices, I encourage you to attend a presentation or check out her work at ATinNH. You can find her past and current instructional videos  by searching her YouTube channel. Dr. Willkomm also has written several books. Her latest book “Assistive Technology Solutions in Minutes: Book II “Ordinary Items Extraordinary Solutions” is choked full of low cost adaptive solutions. The book is well worth the cost!

How exciting to have met and shook the hand of Dr. Willkomm, AT MacGyver! Made my week!



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ARC Pen for Parkinson’s Disease – The Assistive Technology Daily

Scooped from The AT Daily:

Arc pen pic

The ARC pen might look laughably large, but it could be the perfect option for folks with Parkinson’s disease. It was created by a group of students from UK’s Royal College of Art and the Imperial College London to combat a Parkinson’s symptom called micrographia.

I love The AT Daily website, they find the best AT innovations! A recent post provides another innovative AT idea, the ARC Pen for Parkinson’s Disease. Created by neuroscientists and students to combat writing challenges of individuals with Parkinson. It is currently in testing phase.

As OT’s we have all worked with individuals like this. Weighted pens and stabilization can help sometimes but the research on the use of this ARC Pen is very promising. How exciting! Check it out on The AT Daily website from those clever folks at the North Carolina AT Program!

Thank you AT Daily for scouring the market for all things AT and sharing them to improve the quality of the clients we service!

Carol – OT’s with Apps

Also See on Scoop.itOT mTool Kit

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Practice Home Safety

Carol Leynse Harpold, MS, AdEd, OTR/L, ATP:

Good general tips for home safety for Seniors and their family members. Many good resources available on this Alzheimers blog .

Originally posted on alzheimersactivitiesPLUS:

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Free Stuff for AOTA Presentation “What’s the Write App?” – A Big Thanks

AOTA presentation 2015

What’s the Write App? – AOTA 2015 Convention Appy Hour

The AOTA 2015 Convention Appy Hour presentation, “What’s the Write App?” on April 18 went well with many participants joining Brittany Hand, MOT and myself during our app review session.

The session focused on 5 favorite writing apps, from pre-handwriting, handwriting and written composition apps used by OT’s working in a school setting. As we presented these favorite apps related to writing, we used a spinner app (Decide Now!) for the drawings of free stuff – apps and ergonomic styluses, from generous developers and vendors ! It was fun presenting the apps and also providing free stuff to participants. No one refused the app promo codes or free styluses with values ranging from 2.99 to 19.99 ! My gratitude to the following generous suppliers in providing freebies and an element of fun during the presentation:

The Pencil Grip Ergo Stylus ( approx. $18.00 ea.) – 12 weighted styluses with The Grip were given. The Grip Stylus provides accurate drawing and writing with grip support and proprioceptive feedback due to it’s weight. Good for kids and adults. This is one of my favorite styluses.

The Pencil Grip ERgo Stylus

Abilipad app (worth 19.99) – 12 codes for free download of this adaptive keyboard and writing process app was provided to participants. This is a great customizable app for writers. It also provides word prediction, supports application of images in keyboard and writing environments and much more. Great for any OT’s tool kit!

Abilipad pic 2

ClaroPDF app – (3.99) – 6 promo codes were given away for this PDF form filling app that also provides text to speech capabilities. A great app for students with LD and dysgraphia!

ClaroPDF pic2

Keeble app – (14.99) – Assistive ware provided a code for Keeble, a wonderful, universal design iOS 3rd party keyboard. This app smacking keyboard allows word prediction, text to speech, scanning and choices of keyboard layouts. This keyboard can be used with other iOS apps when installed and selected . A great universal design app to support struggling writers in the classroom. Another great addition to your mobile device toolkit if working with students and writing tasks.

Keeble pic1

Handwriting without Tears – provided codes for 3 subscriptions (24.95 each value) to Digital Teaching Tools! Online resources for creating worksheets and letter formation is provided in the subscription for ease of creating materials for students.

Handwriting with out tears digital tools pic

A big thanks to the developers and vendors who provided free stuff to participants! Also thank you to the participants for joining Brittany and myself during our Appy Hour debut!

Don’t you wish you were there ?  It was a great time – yes, and free is always fun!! Here is a link to the handout we supplied with resources on the apps, app feature matches of handwriting, worksheet/form filling apps and 3rd party keyboard apps: What’s the Write App? .

My gratitude to the above developers and vendors for their generosity with apps and styluses and providing a bit of fun during the presentation.


OT’s with Apps

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