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Organization & Time Management Android Apps for High School and College Students

The previous post “Organization and Time Management  Apps for High School and College Students” on OT’s with Apps brought a comment from a visitor indicating the lack of  suggested apps for Android users. As an iDevice user who is also in charge of managing iDevices in the … Continue reading

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iOS Apps List for Middle/High School & Adults with Learning Disabilities

Looking for iOS apps for adults or middle school through post secondary students with  learning disabilities? Check out this app list out. Create with  middle/high, post secondary students and adults in mind, this list includes basic apps to support individuals with learning disabilities. With … Continue reading

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Organization & Time Management iOS Apps for High School and College Students

Organization skills are necessary for  students of all ages and stages. For students transitioning to post secondary education, organizational abilities can be areas of concern as special education teachers, paraprofessionals no longer are available to support the student when they enter college or tech school.  What tools might help students with … Continue reading

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