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Otter AI – Recording and Transcription Service & App

Note taking is a frequent concern of students transitioning to post secondary education. Keeping pace with lectures delivered at a fast pace, spelling, processing information and writing notes simultaneously are just a few of the barriers for students and professionals. … Continue reading

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iPad Mini Cases with Shoulder Straps

iPad Mini Cases with Straps The recent post  “iPad Cases with Straps for iPad 9.7, iPad Pro and iPad 10.5” identified cases for the iPad 9.7 and 10.5 providing a method for clients to transport the iPad safely and hands … Continue reading

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iPod Touch Cases for Work Environments

iPod Touch for Visual Communication at Work Recent evaluations of individuals with disabilities transitioning to employment situations have resulted in recommendations for an iPod Touch. Used for a variety of communication needs, the iPod Touch’s low profile, portability, apps and multimedia tools provides the … Continue reading

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Organization & Time Management iOS Apps for High School and College Students

Organization skills are necessary for  students of all ages and stages. For students transitioning to post secondary education, organizational abilities can be areas of concern as special education teachers, paraprofessionals no longer are available to support the student when they enter college or tech school.  What tools might help students with … Continue reading

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Apps Designed with Transition in Mind and Disability in Mind from OCALI

OCALI – the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence is an online resource that offers tremendous resources for individuals with Autism and low incidence populations in areas of transition, UDL, AT, education and information for families and professionals supporting those disabilities.  They provide webinars, … Continue reading

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