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Microsoft Adaptive Mouse Accessories

As an ATP working with persons with a variety of different physical disabilities, the Microsoft Adaptive Accessories is a recent and exciting new development, offering a tool kit of mouse accessories. Working with individuals with CP, MD, hemiparesis, limb deficiencies … Continue reading

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Keyboarding Skill Development Standards

Molly Shannon, OTR shares a general Keyboarding Standards By Grade from MissJaimeOT, a great visual of expectations of keyboarding. When considering pre-typing standards,  Keyboarding Without Tears™ also provides in depth standards for early keyboarding skills : Standards for the Production … Continue reading

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Compact Keyboards for One Handed Typing

A variety of keyboard options are available for one handed typists. Likewise,  there are a number of different philosophies about methods of input, whether to use a standard QWERTY,  alternative or specialty keyboard method . Some of the options of alternative or specialty, one … Continue reading

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Web Based Keyboarding Instruction for Students

It is too late for end of the school home programming recommendations, but here are some good web based keyboarding resources from Ask a Tech Teacher for student practice with appropriate progress for gaining keyboarding skills. Pass them or share … Continue reading

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Keedogo Keyboard for iOS 8

With iOS 8, options of integrating customizable keyboards into other apps provides a flavor of universal design when typing. Many different keyboard apps are  now available adding emoticons, customized keyboard backgrounds and keys to your favorite writing app.  AssistiveWare provides a … Continue reading

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Third Party Keyboards

Originally posted on The Website of Luis Perez:
One of the most anticipated features in iOS 8 was the redesigned on-screen keyboard. Recently, I did a video on my YouTube channel on the new QuickType feature that now provides smart…

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Weekend Websites: 31 Keyboarding Websites

If summer is when your children are absolutely positively going to catch up on keyboarding, here’s a list of 32 keyboarding websites for all ages (be sure to view the full post–I have a free poste…


It is mid-summer, halfway to the start of another school year. Oh and remember all those recommendations made about working on keyboarding?

Jacqui Murray, from Ask a, nails it with "summer is when your children are absolutely going to catch up on keyboarding skills" – time to dig into her list of  32 keyboarding websites!

Over the years I have discussed keyboarding practice with many parents. One suggestion I often made was to use different keyboarding programs to keep the skill and drill novel.  Hmm…, think 32 potential keyboarding options provides enough novelty???


And don’t you just love her infographic ??


Thank you to Jacqui for all your resources!


Carol from OT’s with Apps and Technology

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Dear Otto: Are there any Good Keyboarding Apps?

Scooped from Ask A   Dear Otto is an occasional column where I answer questions I get from readers about teaching tech. If you have a question, please complete the form below and I’ll answer it here. For your privacy, … … Continue reading

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iPad and Android Keyboarding Apps and Resources

Keyboarding Apps and Resources for the iPad Questions of keyboarding training using the iPad on occasion arise. Listed below are keyboarding instruction apps for the iPad and Android tablet. At the bottom of the list are a few web-based keyboarding instruction sites … Continue reading

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Miss Sue’s Keyboarding Fun – OT-Care

Are you looking for specialized or customizable keyboard instruction using the iPad for students with physical or cognitive/learning disabilities? Miss Sue’s Keyboarding Fun© provides several keyboarding app choices with options to customize the sounds, colors, picture supports, word lists and … Continue reading

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