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AZTAP Google App Attack! Symbaloo

I really like Symbaloo! A place where you can organize and share your favorite websites. How do you like Symbaloo?


As scooped on Scoopit from 

Fabulous collaborative work of Aaron Marsters and Mary Keeney from AZTAP.  A Symbaloo focused on  Google Apps and Chrome  as AT.  What a great resource!

Thank you to Aaron Marsters and Mary Keeney for all their work!!


Carol from OT’s with Apps and Technology


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Dyslexia font: Experience the ease of reading – Dyslexie font – The Assistive Technology Daily

The Dyslexia font makes reading easy and enjoyable for people with dyslexia. Experience the ease of reading and try the test now.


So, what’s the big deal with Dyslexie font??? Assistive Technology Daily shares the information and links to understand more about the reasons and research backing the use of Dyslexie font. If you work with individuals with Dyslexia or learning disability you might want to consider this font option.


Carol – OT’s with Apps and Technology

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Weekend Websites: 31 Keyboarding Websites

If summer is when your children are absolutely positively going to catch up on keyboarding, here’s a list of 32 keyboarding websites for all ages (be sure to view the full post–I have a free poste…


It is mid-summer, halfway to the start of another school year. Oh and remember all those recommendations made about working on keyboarding?

Jacqui Murray, from Ask a, nails it with "summer is when your children are absolutely going to catch up on keyboarding skills" – time to dig into her list of  32 keyboarding websites!

Over the years I have discussed keyboarding practice with many parents. One suggestion I often made was to use different keyboarding programs to keep the skill and drill novel.  Hmm…, think 32 potential keyboarding options provides enough novelty???


And don’t you just love her infographic ??


Thank you to Jacqui for all your resources!


Carol from OT’s with Apps and Technology

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Assistive Technology Blog: iOS 8 Accessibility Roundup: More Accessible Than Ever


The Assistive Technology Blog reviews some of the new features slated in iOS 8 expected to debut this fall. Word prediction is one of the proposed features integrated into the iOS keyboard with context a part of the formula. That is exciting news as an assistive technology specialist – Apple is finally catching up to Android on that feature – at last!


For OT’s working in home health or rehab, a new iOS 8 Health app will be featured. It will be interesting to see how this app might interface with information used by or for patients and how it complies with HIPAA regulations. 


Other new changes for iOS 8 include more accessibility features: hand free commands with Siri, more Guided Access options and text to speech voices. Exciting new features to consider for students and clients. 


Check out Assistive Technology Blog post on these new iOS 8 features. 


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