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My Experience with AI-powered Digital Writing Assistants: An Illustrated Autoethnographic Study — Peace & Quiet

As an assistive technology practitioner, concerns regarding spelling and grammar are frequent. Of the many grammar editing services, Grammarly is typically recommended to clients for the extended editing tools offered. While MS Office’s spelling and grammar checkers have improved, they … Continue reading

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How AI is Changing Writing: Check out Robot Don — Ask a Tech Teacher

Thanks to Jacqui at Ask a Tech Teacher for sharing a new AI proof writing tool! I am pretty excited about AI, much less a tool to help individuals with written production. Second to solutions for reading, writing solutions are needed … Continue reading

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Ghotit RealWriter App and Ghotit Real Writer Software

How often are spelling and grammar skills identified as “terrible” or “non-existent”  when evaluating struggling writers for AT tools? In my experience spelling and grammar challenges are frequently mentioned during AT evaluations when writing is a challenge, whether  secondary or post secondary students or adults … Continue reading

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