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ElderTech: Top Tech Tools for Older Adults

Looking for tech as a Boomer, for your aging parents or patients? Joan Green, Speech-Language Pathology and owner of Innovative Speech, offers a free webinar on ElderTech available on demand. The hour-long webinar provides information on services, devices, and apps … Continue reading

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Alexa, “What am I Holding?” – Amazon Show and Tell Feature

Alexa’s skills as offered in the Amazon Show or Echo devices continue to expand offering more and more including universal design services for the general public and individuals with disabilities. A recent email sharing “What’s New with Alexa?” featured the … Continue reading

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The NEBO EYE shared by Assistive Technology at Easter Seals Crossroads

The folks at Easter Seals Crossroads shares another low tech AT tool for low vision clients or children as well as for older adults. Both low vision clients typically benefit from the right type of task lighting. Older adults over … Continue reading

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Technology and the Elderly: A New Era –

Technology is not just for the sake of having a cool new toy to play with (although we all remember how cool it was to hold our first iPhone), but it should change and affect (positively) people’s lives […]… Sourced … Continue reading

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Gyroglove for Tremor Management

Regain your independence. Sourced through from: The Gyroglove is the mother of invention for a 103 year old woman with severe tremors. The innovator of the Gyroglove identified the lack of solutions resulting in the woman’s limitations with performing basic self-cares … Continue reading

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Keyboard Accessibility for Individuals with Motor Impairment for Computers and Mobile Devices

Among the updates in the new iOS 9 operating system, offered late October 2015, are additional features for touch accommodations. These setting are wonderful additions to students with motor impairments but also highly relevant when working with adults with motor … Continue reading

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Gray Matter App Assists with Dementia Care

Although dementia is not my specialty, prior work in long term care settings and recent personal experience with my late mother has given me many opportunities with individuals who were in different stages of the disease. The recent experience with my … Continue reading

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Monitoring System Takes Stigma And Stress Out Of Aging Independently

For any senior who has cringed at the infamous “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” ads, there’s a new product in store that can take the stigma out of aging, far more discreetly Sourced through from: Huffington Post … Continue reading

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