Dexteria Dots – Get in Touch with Math – Reduced

Dexteria Dots App

Dexteria Dots App

Dexteria Dots iconDexteria Dots, for iPhone / iPad is reduced to .99 from regular price of 2.99. Created by the folks at BinaryLabs, (Dexteria, Dexteria Jr, Letter Reflex) is reduced to .99 (regularly 2.99). Created for ages 6-8 this app combines learning math concepts and visual motor activities on a mobile device.

Dexteria Dots features math concepts of number sense, addition, subtraction, larger than and smaller than required of Common Core State Standards in Math with a visual motor twist. Here is a quick video of the app in action:

The app uses dots to add or subtract numbers by slicing, dragging dots together. Visuals of dots are provided on the beginning levels to provide the concepts of numbers. An initial visual and audio of the number target is provided, but, which disappeared after hitting Go. Visual and audio instructions are given at the beginning of a session with audio instruction or number repeated using the ? at the top right of the screen.

Dexteria Dots pic1 Dexteria Dots pic2 Dexteria Dots pic3

Dots are then dragged or connected together to create the targeted number given in the instruction. Combination of addition of numbers are provided to get to the targeted number.  The dots on the numbered dots indicate the value. By touching anywhere on the dot it splits into a smaller value dot. The activity is timed with rewards for speed with the calculations. The activities increase in complexity in levels and math concepts requiring strong memory skills to recall the number equivalency to a colored dot.

This is a visual motor activity using finger isolation to drag the dots together with increasing difficulty with the math concepts. A fun, hands on way of learning for those who are secure in their rational math concepts and have good memory skills.

A few changes that might be considered for those who need concrete reinforcement might be the ability to touch the dots around the whole dot without it separating into single dots. Considering providing a method of checking your answer prior to the animated feedback may also help those that need to review their answer. I liked the animation, however a reinforcement visually or via audio of the correct number achieved whole help reinforce achievement of their number skills .

Dexteria Dots provides some fun visual motor activities embedded in a math activity for individuals beyond the concrete stage of math. Advertised for 6-8 year olds it might be best described as suited for those with at the 1st or 2nd grade level.

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