Apps List by Occupational Performance

Apps Listed By Areas of Occupational Performance 

I recently had an opportunity to write an article for AOTA’s Technology Special Interest Section Quarterly “What’s in Your Occupational Therapy Mobile Tool Kit?” published this June 2013. Limitations of the length of the article did not allow inclusion of names of apps. The following is a brief list of apps by areas of occupational performance. More apps can be found on the menu link to the OT’s with Apps mTool Kit List, and of course there are many more that could be listed!

Note: App prices are subject to change.
iDress for Weather  iPhone/iPad Seasons, clothing selection and weather concepts  Child 1.99
Visual Impact Pro   iPad Create multi media instruction for social stories, instruction and video modeling . Adult / Teen 49.99  
Shoe Tying 1 iPhone/iPad DTT app with discrete training, video on shoe tying; appropriate for all ages; many supporting materials. Adult /Child


1,2 Shoe Tying iPhone/iPad Basic step by step images of shoe tying Adult / Child


Cash-Strapped iPhone/iPad Budget apps; Takes your expendable $$ and helps keep track of how much you have spend and have available. Adult  
PicList iPhone/iPad To do manager allowing pictures, lists of tasks to complete Adult / Teen 1.99
Shopping List Generator iPhone/iPad Create shopping lists with pictures, text to speech, item prices are totaled; Connor Company app Adult / Teen 4.99
Functional Planning System iPhone/iPad Scheduling and video prompting option to support daily tasks. Customizable. Adult / Child 4.99
One Tap Dial iPhone/iPad Customize with faces of contact phone number Adult / Teen .99
Unus Tactus iPhone/iPad Provides images associated with phone numbers for contacting others; provides ability to track users with GPS Adult / Child 9.99
GPS Alarm iPhone/iPad Set GPS location and alarm; alerts user when close to destination Adult / Teen .99
GPS Alarm Android Set GPS location and alarm; alerts user when close to destination Adult / Teen free
FaceDialer iPhone/iPad Create home screen pictures of phone contacts Adult / Teen .99
I Get Cooking Vocabulary iPhone/iPad Visual sequence apps for cooking. Provides visual task analysis and vocabulary for equipment, ingredients, and steps of mixing and cooking. Adult / Teen 4.99
Pillboxie iPhone/iPad Medication reminder app; on going reminders of medication regime; unable to set short term med administration Adult 1.99
Pictello iPad Create picture/story sequences with images and video for ADL and iADL tasks Adult / Child 18.99
Story Creator iPad Create picture/story sequences for ADL and iADL tasks Adult / Child Free/ .99 Pro
Counting Money iPhone/iPad Practice of counting money for all ages Adult / Child .99
Qcard iPhone/iPad Text based reminders for appointments, reminders and guided task allowing multiple step directions. Adult / Teen 4.99
Picture Scheduler iPhone/iPad Visual planner with images, video, audio, alarms, repeating functions. Adult / Child 2.99
Visual Picture Planner (Good Karma) iPad Picture based planning system with audio and video capabilities. Provides day and weekly calendar features. Adult / Child 14.99
First Then Visual Schedule iPhone/iPad Visual schedule app providing customizable visual schedule Adult / Child


First Then Visual Schedule Android Visual schedule app providing customizable visual schedule Adult / Child


Answer Yes/No iPhone/iPad Create simple customizable buttons with voice and text for pre-verbal or non-verbal individuals. Provides choice of two with up to 30 pages of choices. Adult / Child

free/1.99 for more options

Point to Pictures iPad AAC app capable of providing images and prompts; created by RJ Cooper Adult / Child


Proloquo2Go iPhone/iPad AAC app providing customization of communication choices by pictures, symbols and well as words. Adult / Child


Scene & Heard iPhone/iPad Contextual based AAC app allowing hot spots of communication choices and expression. Lite version available. Adult / Child


Sounding Board iPhone/iPad AAC app with up to 9 cells ; switch accessible with Blue2 by Ablenet Adult / Child


GoTalk Now iPad AAC app Adult / Child


Go Talk Now Free iPad AAC app Adult / Child


My Talk Mobile iPhone/iPad AAC app Adult / Child


Autismate iPad Contextual based AAC app allowing hot spots of communication choices and expression.  Adult / Child


Tablet Talk iPhone/iPad AAC App, similar in features to iProloquo2go. Adult / Child


VoCal iPhone/iPad App creating reminders and alerts with voice recording capabilities. Adult / Teen

5.99 (full)

ToDo iPhone/iPad Manage tasks with audio alerts, subtasks and checklists; syncs with iCal and Outlook Adult / Teen


It’s Done! iPhone/iPad To do list of daily tasks that needs to be done Adult / Teen


Rest and Sleep        
SOSH Relax iPhone/iPad SOSH app with relaxation and shredder components only. Adult / Teen 4.99
Breath2Relax iPhone/iPad Instruction and practice of breathing exercises to manage stress Adult / Teen free
eCBT Mood iPhone/iPad Provides Strategies for identifying and dealing with mood disorders Adult / Teen .99
eCBT Calm iPhone/iPad App to help learn relaxation techniques Adult / Teen .99
Relax Melodies Android Provides a variety of sounds and mixes of sounds and ability to save for review Adult / Child free
Relax Melodies iPhone/iPad Provides a variety of sounds and mixes of sounds and ability to save for review Adult / Child free
Chillax iPhone/iPad Simple, easy to use app with relaxing sounds and music Adult / Child free
Autism 5 Point Scale iPhone/iPad Customizable 5 point scale to assist with awareness of emotions and self- regulation Adult / Child free
Pocket Pond iPhone/iPad App featuring a virtual koi pond. Splashing sounds provided when fish and water is touched. Relaxation app Adult / Child free
Pocket Pond 2 iPhone/iPad Virtual koi pond app. Relaxation app Adult / Child free
BrainWorks iPhone/iPad Sensory diet app, customizable, unlimited users Adult / Child


Zones of Regulation iPad Game app to teach self regulation. Uses Red, yellow, green and blue zones to describe sensory alert levels. Adult / Child


Autism Tracker Pro (also see Data Collection section) iPhone/iPad Data collection app; customizable, Pro version allows tracking 1 Person, in app purchase ($5.)provides 2-3 Persons; $10 for unlimited Persons; graphs and email data capabilities Adult / Child


Read2Go iPhone/iPad app providing text to speech, highlighting and customization of font size and type for user. Adult / Child 19.99
Go Read Android app providing text to speech, highlighting and customization of font size and type for user. Adult / Child free
iReadWrite iPad Text to speech, word prediction, phonetic spell checking, highlighting tools are available in this app. Adult / Child 19.99
EZ PDF Reader iPad PDF reader, TTS, annotation, highlighting, typing; Swiss knife of readers Adult / Child 1.99
AppWriter English iPhone/iPad Word processing app with text to speech, word prediction, OCR generator and file management support Adult / Child 19.99
Voice Dream Reader iPhone/iPad App with text to speech for imported file, PDF, web based text Adult / teen 9.99
ClaroSpeak iPhone/iPad App with text to speech, options to change background, high lighting, text and font size; reflows text on screen with zoom Adult / child 5.99
Abilipad iPad Customizable keyboard and word processor with word prediction capabilties. Also allows images to be featured in the writing environment. Adult / child


Typ-O iPad/iPhone Word prediction with text to speech and phonetic assistance Adult / child


Write&Say iPhone/iPad Text editor with Text to Speech, translator, exports to email dropbox, converts documents to MP3  Adult / child


ZenTap Pro iPad/iPhone Word prediction/word completion app Adult / child


Sentence Maker iPad/iPhone Create customized sentence tiles for students to sequence Adult / child


Type on PDF Pro iPad Type into text boxes in PDF files Adult / child


Panther Writer iPad Five trackpad configurations. One-touch clicks for most mouse controls. Touch icons to open files and manage applications. Features for individuals with motoric disabilities. Adult / child


Clicker Sentences iPad Provides picture supports and word banks for emerging writer. Text to speech, customizable. Adult / child


Clicker Docs iPad Provides writing supports: word prediction, word banks and tabs for customized banks of words, text to speech. Customizable writing environment. Developed by Clicker Adult / child


Dexteria iPad Fine motor/visual motor skill development and handwriting readiness Child


iWriteWords iPhone/iPad Letter/number identification and  formation app. Child


Letter School iPhone/iPad Highly interactive letter formation app providing numerous different animations to show direction of letter formation. Child


Panther Math Paper iPad Math equation writing keyboards for mobility impaired Adult / Child 14.99
Panther Calculator iPad Accessible calculator Adult / Child 6.99
My HomeWork Android Track classes, assignments, homework, tests; Sync with paid online option Teen


myHomeWork iPad Track classes, assignments, homework, tests; Sync with paid online option Teen


Astrid iPhone/iPad Calendar and assignment app for elementary/middle school students Teen free
4KidCal iPhone/iPad Primary aged calendar with stickers to mark events Child .99
Notability iPad Binder note book app; Manages PDF, docs, images; records voice files; syncs with Dropbox, Adult / Teen


PaperPort iPad Note taking app featuring voice recognition in the app on iPad2. Adult / Teen


Evernote iPhone/iPad Note taking, organization apps; syncs with many apps Adult / Teen


iAnnotate iPad Note taking, organization apps; drawing, highlighting options with file management system Adult / Teen


iAnnotate Android Note taking, organization apps; drawing, highlighting options with file management system Adult / Teen

free limited time

Calengoo iPhone/iPad Syncs Google calendar with iPad Adult / Teen 6.99
GeeTask Lite iPhone/iPad Manage to do tasks with Google calendar; easy sync’g  Adult / Teen free
Barnyard Mahjong iPhone/iPad Barnyard animals in a Mahjong (matching) activity. Adult

free (.99)

Fantastic Four in a Row iPhone/iPad Four in a row activity. Free allows one player. Purchase allows two players. Adult / child

Free (.99)

EnsenaSoft games iPhone/iPad EnsenaSoft provides both online and tablet apps. Adult / child


Action Bowling iPhone/iPad Bowling app. Lite provides single player, purchased app allows 2 player mode for turn taking. Easy to use for wide variety of players. Adult / child


Fluidity iPhone/iPad Create fluids of different colors on the screen by touching and drawing. Adult / child


Fluid iPhone/iPad Interact with water flowing over rocks. Calming Adult / child


Fluid Monkey iPhone/iPad Colorful fluid you can interact with on the iPod Adult / child


Monster Chorus iPhone/iPad Monsters create tones and tunes when touched. Calming, sweet sounds created. Adult / child


Social Participation        
The Social Express iPad  Teaches users how to think about and manage social situations, helping them to develop meaningful social relationships; suited to elementary to high school levels; 16 lessons Teen / Child


Social Skill Builder iPhone/iPad Interactive videos to teach social thinking, language and behavior skills Teen / Child

Free; In app purchases

The Electric Company – Feel Electric iPhone/iPad  Focuses on awareness and identification of feelings and emotions with games, story creation and vocabulary building in a fun, age appropriate way. Appropriate for elementary, middle and high school Teen / Child


Osnap! iPhone/iPad Video and photo time lapse and editing app Adult / Child free
iMovie iPad Movie editing app Adult / Child 4.99
Toca Boca Hair Salon iPad Interactive app focusing on cutting hair Child 2.99

Many thanks to Jan and Gavin for their patience and assistance with the article! It is amazing what time and support they give to generate articles.

Do you have favorite apps in any of the occupational performance areas that you have used with clients? Please share!

About Carol Leynse Harpold, MS, OTR/L, SCLV, ATP, CATIS

OTR/L with more than 35 years experience in pediatrics, school based therapy and adult rehabilitation. Masters of Science in Adaptive Education/Assistive Technology with 20 years experience in AT in education of elementary, middle school, secondary, post secondary students and work environments for adult clients. A RESNA Assistive Technology Practitioner with ACVREP CATIS credentials, AOTA Specialty Certification in Low Vision, USC Davis Executive Certificate in Home Modifications, servicing adults and students with disabilities in employment, education, and home environments. A 2020 graduate of the University of Alabama Birmingham Low Vision Certification Program.
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