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Pictus Kids Coloring Book

Children’s Day (the first Sunday in June) brings some free offers to iTunes store for kids. Pictus – Kids Coloring Book app for iPad is one providing kids of all ages (young and old) coloring activities to occupy them this summer (and all year round).

Pictus – Kids Coloring Book app offers more than 280 pictures from simple to more complex that are black on white stylized, cartoonish and standard pictures for users to color. Included in the picture choices also are some holiday themes. Here are just a few pages of examples of pictures:

Photo Jun 02, 8 16 01 AM Photo Jun 02, 8 17 26 AM Photo Jun 02, 8 17 45 AM

When choosing a picture you have the five choices of colored background paper to use, white, off white, lined paper, grid paper or black background for high contrast.

Photo Jun 02, 9 49 23 AM

Coloring tools include: pencil colors, fine and wide line markers, colors and paint brush. A color picker provides customization of colors. I liked the fine line colored pencils and markers which improved my ability to handwrite, often a challenge in some apps.

Wondering how on earth you could color some of the fine detail on an iPad? One unique feature to this app is the ability to unlock it, zoom and move the picture on the screen to parts of the picture you want to color, lock it and then move and zoom to another area.

Photo Jun 02, 8 17 56 AM

When you are done with specific areas you can return to the original picture with the fine areas colored. The hands at the top left of the screen provide visual cues of how to do this.

Photo Jun 02, 8 19 03 AM

Photo Jun 02, 8 18 26 AM

This zoom in/out feature would be great for young and old artists with visual challenges who enjoy coloring or want to master small details of the picture.  Choosing a stylus appropriate for the user would allow greater control and accuracy, develop tool usage and foster grasp patterns. An easel or stand for the iPad can also support posture, visual presentation, wrist and grasp development options important for the user.

Although there are many apps for developing letter formation and handwriting, Pictus provides a solid lined paper background option that could be used for handwriting or letter formation practice.

Photo Jun 02, 9 04 51 AM

Options for workflow include emailing, sending to social media, saving to photo album, opening in other apps or copying the picture. Colored pictures could be showcased or used in story telling books or other creation apps like Educreation, Skitch or Show Me if needed for a presentation.

Although there is an abundance of coloring apps available, Pictus – Kids Coloring Book is currently a great price and provides some options that are suitable to your special education, geriatric, family, or OT mTool Kit! Who doesn’t like to color from time to time? Many of our students at school find coloring a calming activity – me too!

Looking for stylus or stand options? Here are some prior posts features many suggested stylus or stand options:

What is your favorite coloring app??


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