Flow Free – Fun Visual Motor App!

Flow Free is a free, fun iPad and iPhone app requiring the user to connect matching colors with a line or pipe to create a flow. Not just a matching game, this app requires spatial reasoning and planning to complete all of the color matches without crossing or overlap of the lines or pipes.

It starts at a 5×5 level and increases in difficulty. As an app in the game center but I was able to play using the free play without having to sign in. Navigation controls at the bottom of the screen allows you to easily go back and forth or redo a level and also redo a level.

Here is a sequence of a game:

The app does have ads in it which can be removed by purchasing .99 pack available at different levels of difficulty. In the free app there are 5 levels of difficulty with each level having 30 challenges to complete, providing a lot of Flow opportunities without having to purchase add on levels. The levels start as “Easy” for  5×5 grids (5 different colored dots to connect) up to “Hard” which is a 9×9 grid  (9 different colored dots to connect) to correctly complete or do again.

I found this a fun visual perceptual, visual motor and spatial reasoning app that provides leveled activities suited to elementary and older students. This app requires visual motor, motor planning, spatial reasoning – visual perceptual skills. The free app has ads but which I found subtle and which provides many levels of play. Timed scores are provided when completing a “Flow” activity that might be motiving to students who are competitive.

This may be one of those apps used as a reward after working on other tasks with students in therapy. Students on the autism spectrum may be motivated to engage in this visual reasoning task while performing a motor planning task that can be challenging to them.  Playing this on an iPod may also provide additional motor planning and visual motor accuracy when scaled to the small screen.

Would you add this to your OT iTool Kit? I will, and will share with my students but you might also find my name on the user list!


About Carol Leynse Harpold, MS, OTR/L, SCLV, ATP, CATIS

OTR/L with more than 35 years experience in pediatrics, school based therapy and adult rehabilitation. Masters of Science in Adaptive Education/Assistive Technology with 20 years experience in AT in education of elementary, middle school, secondary, post secondary students and work environments for adult clients. A RESNA Assistive Technology Practitioner with ACVREP CATIS credentials, AOTA Specialty Certification in Low Vision, USC Davis Executive Certificate in Home Modifications, servicing adults and students with disabilities in employment, education, and home environments. A 2020 graduate of the University of Alabama Birmingham Low Vision Certification Program.
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6 Responses to Flow Free – Fun Visual Motor App!

  1. noombs says:

    Hello from Big Duck Games! We’re the developers of Flow Free. It was great to see this post. We hope everyone enjoys the game. It’s aways exciting to hear that we’re helping people, even in small ways.

    – Mike

  2. Joyce McLaughlin Newman, RN says:

    I have seen reviews which stated that two other APPS by “Big Duck Games ” : Fireworks Arcade” and ” Spark Art ” are also appreciated by individuals seeking to work on their visual motor skills. The former is available on the “Kindle Fire ” and the “Microsoft Phone ” as well as the IPhone and IPad

  3. Thanks for the Flow review. Flow Free is now available for Android as well. Get it here:

    • Thank you Sharon for the info on Flow Free for Android. I downloaded it and played it and it seems comparable to the app on iOS. Fun app and I believe useful for some students or clients! Let me know when you have more games similar to Flow Free or Fireworks available. Both I believe are appropriate for some individuals with disabilities!
      Thank you!

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