Injini Printables – Activity Worksheets for your iPad

  1. Did you know that Injini has printable Supplement Books available in PDF on their website? Suited to young children, these printable Supplement Books or worksheet provide beginning visual motor tracing activities starting with simple straight lines and another set providing simple curved lines.

Do you know what that means? Yes –  electronic  visual motor activity worksheets for your iPad!!

How do you do that?

  1. On your iPad navigate to the following Injini website’s Printables Page:
  2. Click on the picture/image under the heading of Injini Frog Game (PDF will load) on the page OR follow this link to the PDF of the Printables: (a PDF will open up).
  3. Click on the picture/image under the heading of Injini Tracing Game (PDF will load) OR follow this link to the PDF:
  4. When the PDF opens on your iPad, center the page and take a screenshot of each page (press home and power button at the top simultaneously – you’ll see a flash and if audio is on hear a click).
  5. Navigate to your Photos and you will find a screen shot of each page.
  6. Open those pages in your favorite draw program such as Doodle Buddy (free), or Skitch  app (free) or a note taking app as reuseable tracing activity for young students.
  7. Save the work, email the completed worksheet if you need evidence or a production for the classroom.

Here are some screen shots of the Injini worksheets that are clean and engaging for students.

You may be able to reduce the size of the tracing lines by using the worksheets in an app that you can adjust the size of the image if appropriate.

Thanks Injini for your printables!

More for your OT iTool Kit – and free!!


About Carol Leynse Harpold, MS, OTR/L, SCLV, ATP, CATIS

OTR/L with more than 35 years experience in pediatrics, school based therapy and adult rehabilitation. Masters of Science in Adaptive Education/Assistive Technology with 20 years experience in AT in education of elementary, middle school, secondary, post secondary students and work environments for adult clients. A RESNA Assistive Technology Practitioner with ACVREP CATIS credentials, AOTA Specialty Certification in Low Vision, USC Davis Executive Certificate in Home Modifications, servicing adults and students with disabilities in employment, education, and home environments. A 2020 graduate of the University of Alabama Birmingham Low Vision Certification Program.
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7 Responses to Injini Printables – Activity Worksheets for your iPad

  1. Carol Hesch says:

    Great post! Love the printables as visual motor worksheets on the iPad….As always….Thanks!

  2. Melanie B. says:

    Also can be scanned and manipulated on Interactive whiteboard! Love the possibilities and the ability to generalizing from iPad to paper!

  3. kathee says:

    I am trying to figure out how to contact you and see when the 5 scale autism app will be available in US. I am having a hard time downloading and can’t get it here!

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