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OT iTool Kit Tip and Trick #3 – Adding a Webpage to your Home Screen

Do you have frequently visited websites you need to access on your iPad for medical billing, attendance, or sites you or your students like to visit? Did you know that you can create an icon on your iPad to link … Continue reading

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Clone an iPad or iPod Touch – Expertise from Tony Vincent

Are you familiar with Tony Vincent and his Learning in Hand Blog? As a guru of mobile learning dating way back when PDA’s were in vogue, Tony Vincent has incredible expertise and information on mobile devices and their integration in … Continue reading

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Converting and Transferring Videos for Academic Content on your iPad

One of the iPad’s that I manage is dedicated to a student who is integrated into a 3rd grade classroom. His iPad has apps that support his IEP goals which include math, social, language and early literacy skills along with … Continue reading

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Managing Your iDevice for the Young Learner – 101

Children love using the iPod or iPad and with a single touch can explore games and stories and lots of things, sometimes much more than you want them to! The iDevices ease of use can be a two edged sword with … Continue reading

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