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2 Responses to OT’s with Apps Amazon Store

  1. connielipa1 says:

    Low tone diagnosis/ 5 years old. OT, PT and my Special Ed tutoring.
    His fine motor is very poor. My goal is to get him prepared for kindergarten. He was not excepted for this school year. Can you suggest an app for my Apple IPad to help him with keyboarding.
    He is recognizing letters because we use tactile lessons with music.
    He needs to learn to write w/ technology.
    Any suggestions are much appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Ms Connie

    • My first suggestion is to check out Miss Sue’s keyboards. They range from very simple keyboard awareness and also can have phonetic awareness with keyboarding training. Customizable and quite affordable. I believe she has trial versions also available. You can find the information here at her website: http://www.ot-care.com/
      You will also find a review of her apps on OT’s with apps: https://otswithapps.com/?s=Miss+Sue%27s+keyboarding
      She also has software for the computer. Extremely customizable for emergent readers and writers.
      A couple other options would be using Abilipad, which is highly customizable – keyboard and writing environment. Search for a review on OTs with Apps for Abilipad if interested.

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