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More Styluses for Big and Little Hands

As an OT, I like tool options.  Like different qualities of pencils and pens, styluses provide some of those same types of choices on the iPad. We all have our favorites tools, but it is nice to see what else is out there. So, here are just … Continue reading

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Osmo – A Interactive Educational Tool for the iPad

I can’t believe that I have not posted about the Osmo Game system – a truly interactive device for the iPad. The Osmo Game system was demonstrated by Lisa Reas, Professional Development Extraordinaire  at an edcampMKE this past May.  I was … Continue reading

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Bug Art App – Another Little Bit Studio App – On Sale!

Familiar with the Little Bit Studio Apps, Bugs & Buttons, Bubbles and Buttons, Bugs & Buttons 2, Bugs and Numbers, often favored apps of OT’s? Bug Art app (iPad/iPhone; on sale for 1.99) is their newest app that provides some fun summertime visual … Continue reading

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CoLAR App – Make your coloring creation come alive!

Looking for a bit of magic when coloring with your child or student? Use the free CoLAR app for iPad/iPhone or Android to create your colored worksheet into a virtual reality. Oh, yes and it is free ( additional worksheet images … Continue reading

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Skill Game – Gone Free Today

I don’t often recommend Game Center apps, but the Skill Game is a favorite of mine for the visual motor, spatial reasoning and motor planning required. Compatible with iPhone/iPad (iOS 5 or later), this is best suited to upper elementary level students … Continue reading

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Skill Training App – Visual Motor Fun!

Looking for a fun and challenging visual motor activity app for your students or adult patients? Check out Skill Training app (look out you might be hooked…)! Skill Training app for iPhone and iPad (2.99) is a visual motor/spatial reasoning app … Continue reading

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Doodling for Relaxation with Kaleidoscope Doodle Apps

Finally, Don’t Forget Art! Activities that relax come in many forms and are individual for everyone.  I have students who doodle or draw for relaxation at school, as long as it does not distract from learning – or occlude all … Continue reading

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